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ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015
  • ISO 14001: 2015
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ISO 14001:2015 is a globally recognized standard that specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It defines the activities that can affect the environment. These activities include the handling and treatment of waste, use of natural resources, and energy consumption.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification is built for an organization that is looking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic way that also contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

An environmental management system enables the organization implementing it to achieve the intended outcomes that were set for it. These outcomes provide value to the organization, interested parties and more importantly the environment.

These outcomes should be consistent with the organization's environmental policy, and they should include:

·         Enhancement of environmental performance

·         Achievement of environmental objectives

·         Fulfilment of compliance obligations

ISO 14001 compliance certification for EMS can be achieved by any organization, regardless of its type, size or nature, and applies to the environmental aspects of the activities, products and services that the organization can either control or influence considering a life cycle perspective. ISO 14001 certification requirements do not state any specific environmental performance criteria.


EMS ISO 14001 certification requires the organization to have to streamline several activities and perform some tasks to implement the environmental management system. The first step is for the organization to evaluate the effect it has on the environment. Then, the organization needs to prioritize ways that might reduce their effect on the environment.

Next, the organization needs to identify the boundaries of their management system and document the procedures for implementing the requirements of ISO 14001 standards.

The organization should ensure that every process is in place and every step is documented to successfully acquire the ISO 14001 certification of EMS.


At Samarth Consultants, we provide the proper guidance to the organizations that are seeking to implement an ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system (EMS).

We help organizations in implementing the environmental management system while explaining the ways to discover and control the effects that the organization has on the environment.

We train the staff in cost-saving strategies that can be made through improved efficiency and productivity. We achieve these by detecting ways to minimalize waste and dispose of it more effectively while training the staff in how to use energy more efficiently.

Environmental Management System Certification

The ISO 14001 certification is given after a successful audit by an accredited certification body.

To acquire the certification the organization needs to implement all of the strategies that are required for the ISO 14001 implementation.

Once these strategies are implemented, internal audits are needed to ensure that the system keeps on working. These audits are needed to ensure that the environmental policy and continual measuring against it are maintained properly. After all the steps are completed the accreditation body provides the organization with the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

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ISO 50001:2011

ISO 50001:2011
  • ISO 50001:2011
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Type of CertificationNew Certification
Type Of IndustryAll industries
Type Of Service ProviderConsulting Firm
Service ChargesDepends upon the type of service
Duration15 Years
BrandSamarth consultants

ISO 50001 is a global energy management systems standard. It enhances the discipline of energy management. Energy management systems can be abbreviated as EnMS.

ISO 50001:2011 Certification - Overview

The purpose of this International standard is to change organizations to determine the systems and processes necessary to enhance energy performance, as well as energy potency, use, and consumption. ISO 50001 standard is meant to guide towards the reduction in gas emissions and other related environmental impacts and reduce energy expenses through systematic management of energy.

This International Standard is applicable to any or all varieties and sizes of organizations, regardless of geographical, cultural or social conditions. Successful implementation depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organization, particularly from top management.

ISO 50001:2011 Gobal EnMS Requirements

ISO 50001 certified companies have implemented a number of strategies and policies that are also what needs to be implemented by the organizations seeking the certification. These requirements are:

·         The organization needs to develop a policy for more efficient use of energy.

·         It needs to fix targets and objectives to meet the policy.

·         Use data to understand and make decisions concerned with energy use and consumption.

·         Measure the results.

·         Review the effectiveness of the policy.

·         Continually improve energy management.

ISO 50001 Certification Training

We at Samarth Consultants strive to train the organizations on the standards and policies that need to be followed to implement an energy management system 50001, while also continuously auditing the system for any discrepancies that could potentially the accreditation of the ISO 5001 certification.

To acquire the certification an organization need to follow the following steps:

·         General Requirements

·         Energy Policy

·         Implementation and Operation

·         Management Review

·         Management Responsibility

·         Energy Action Plan

·         Performance Audits

ISO 50001 Certification

The main objective of ISO 50001 standard is to boost energy-related performance and energy potency unceasingly while spotting the energy reduction opportunities. This systematic approach can facilitate organizations to ascertain systems and processes within it.

Consistent energy management helps organizations to understand untapped energy efficiency potential. This will help the organizations create a major contribution to environmental and climate protection (like the permanent reduction of greenhouse gas in the air). 

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ISO 14046: 2014

ISO 14046: 2014
  • ISO 14046: 2014
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Consultancy Service Typeoffline and online
TypeEnvironment and energy management
Testing Locationpan India
Type Of IndustryAll industries
Mode Of ReportOnline, offline and hard copy
Document Verification ModeOnline, offline and hard copy
Location/CityPan India

ISO 14046 is a new ISO standard for water foot printing which provides water footprint results credibleness. ISO 14046 set steps and necessities for water footprint assessments of product, processes, and organizations. This includes air and soil emissions that impact water quality within the assessment.

ISO 14046:2014 certification - Overview

The water footprint is outlined because of the quantity of water employed in production. The water footprint assessment provides the potential impact on atmosphere associated with water.

ISO 14046:2014 Environmental management standard deals with the reduction of usage of freshwater production.

ISO 14046 Environmental Management Requirements

ISO 14046 requires an ISO environmental management system to be implemented in the organization. This policy dictates that steps should be followed:

·         Societal thought should be given to the usage of resources.

·         Environmental necessities should be kept in check.

·         Legal necessities need to be taken care of.

·         Cultural thought should be given to the effects of the usage of natural resources.

ISO 14046 Environmental Management Training

We at Samarth Consultants ensure that the organization gets the ISO 14001 new standard certification at their initial attempt. We have created a custom training program for the organizations to follow that can train the staff as well as the upper management in the guidelines that need to be followed to get accredited with the environmental management verification.

The following steps need to be followed throughout the training for the ISO 14046 Certification. These four steps are:

·         Principles

·         Reporting

·         Methodological framework

·         Critical review

ISO 14046:2014 Certification

After the completion of training, we help our clients understand what environmental economics and management are. Our ISO consultancy service includes helping our clients get the certification for ISO 14046:2014 certification standard. We cover everything that is required by the accreditation body during training and ensure that our clients get the certification on their initial attempt.

The certification provides the following benefits:

·         Water is saved to avoid future risks.

·         Environmental impacts associated with water usage are endlessly reduced and controlled.

·         Sharing policies with encompassing industries and government.

·         Meeting client necessities while not harming the atmosphere.

To get ISO 14046:2014 certification consulting services for environmental management, request us to call back you. We are offering our ISO 14046:2014 certification consulting services across the world.

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RC 14001:2015

RC 14001:2015
  • RC 14001:2015
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Service Details:

Type Of Service ProviderConsulting Firm
Service Chargesdepends upon the size of project
LocationPan India
Services ModeOffline and online
Document Verification ModeOffline,hard copy and online
Location/CityPan India
Type of CertificationNew Certification
Type Of IndustryAll industries
Mode Of ReportHard Copy

RC 14001:2015 is a chemical management system standard that is centered upon chemical industries and their suppliers. RC 14001 was created by the American Chemistry Council and conjointly the Registrar Enfranchisement Board. This combines RCMS necessities with ISO 14001 necessities.

The RC 14001:2015 Responsible Care certification contains several key components like the responsible care policy, the planning and goal setting for the organization etc.

RC 14001:2015 certification requires multiple steps to be followed to be implemented in the organization. These steps act as the way to get certification for the organization, as these are the primary requirements for the auditing process:

·         Definition of roles and responsibilities in the organization.

·         The monitoring and measurement of chemical usage.

·         Steps to take corrective and preventive actions (root cause analysis).

·         Proper management review.

·         Continuous performance improvement of the organization.

Training is conducted in from a step by step guide and these are:

·         Implementation of environmental policy

·         Consideration of the environmental aspects during production

·         Properly laid out legal and other requirements

·         Specified objectives and targets

The organization is needed to take multiple actions and plan periodic activities to ensure accreditation. The RC 14001 certification if accredited, provides the organization with the following benefits:

·         Continuous improvement in environmental performance.

·         Standardized and certified environmental improvement practices.

·         A proactive approach to health and safety, and public communications programs.

·         Reduces public insurance prices.

·         Neutral communication and feedback mechanism.

·         Consideration by stakeholders.

·         Preparation to forestall and mitigate potential accidents and incidents.

·         Increased physical security.

·         Increased data security.

·         Prevention of security accidents.

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